Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Sartorialisms: Tommy goes for details...

This space may start to look like a Tommy Ton fest but hey, nothing wrong with that, right? I do love it when photographers zoom into those little details that make an outfit special; a roll of a sleeve, a small brooch, textures clashing. His Highness The Sart is, of course, the master of this but I really like what Tommy Ton has been doing over at this season (he's had some big brogues to fill!), especially when he focuses on such details. After all, the guy can shoot a shoe like none other!
The stripes, the print, the fringing, the leather and the denim!
A small roll of the hem et voila!
Pile it on, pile it on! This reminds me of this.
You can feel the softness of the silk and I just love that tan leather and the clasp...

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