Monday, 30 April 2012

Toy Story / The Shining Mashup!

AKA Awesome! You'll never think of Woody in the same way again. Sorry.
Image by Kyle Lambert

Giant Mylo Xylo Xylophone!

This is pretty wonderful too - sadly it's an ad but let's ignore that for a minute or two. Spot Bambi!

The Red Ball Project

I'm pretty excited this is coming to London this summer. Because, let's face it, what else IS coming to our little city this summer? Nope, nothing is coming to mind. (It's only the Olympics, stupid!)

New York artist Kurt Perschke has so far taken his project to Chicago, Barcelona, Taipei and Sydney among others and has squeezed it into alleyways and bus shelters and - even better - displayed it right in the middle of squares and busy streets prompting schoolchildren and forever-young-oldies to run and bounce off it. I don't know you but that's what I call an Olympic sport!