Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Freelancer Who Came In From The Cold.

And where have you all been all these months exactly? Huh? Alright, it was worth half a shot. :) It's been a while crocodiles. I hope you've been busy, I know I have. I'll share a little bit on what I've been up to since September over the next few posts - and I promise they will be more posts coming up! - but in a nutshell:

I started editing a lovely little section for Glamour magazine called Fast Glamour so my silly little name appeared on Glamour's masthead next to, ahem, Contributing Fashion Editor, I went to Molto Milano for the Dolce & Gabbana show, you know - farfalle earrings and all that Mambo, I spent a lovely morning with Carven's delicious Guillaume Henry (okay, I interviewed him over the phone for Glamour but still...), I then spent an even more amazing, If I may say so, 50 minutes on the phone with The One aka J.Crew's Jenna Lyons for Glamour, somewhere in between all that my biggest story for Vogue came out (cover line! Editor's letter! 6 whole pages!), I got to hang out with the goooorgeous Candice Lake, featured my friend Lucy in the mag looking her usual stunning self, interviewed the lovely Thea and Justin from Preen, donned S/S'12 goodies in 4 degrees weather for Candice Lake and Glamour (you'll see), asked and got a Sure! from the too good to be true (and yet, she is!) Caroline Issa (again, you'll see soon) and got to work with the incredible Glamour team pretty much every day - oh, and adopted Rachel Ingram as my buddy-in-crime.

So, you know, I haven't been slacking exactly. Next week I'm off to Stockholm for fashion week, the week after New York for, yep, fashion week and then back to London get the picture. But I promise to blog more and tell you what I've been up to and share whatever catches my eye. So, for the first post of the New Year it had to be my big love, Uggie the dog from The Artist. See you back here soon, yes?