Sunday, 5 February 2012

Tack Tack, Stockholm!

I left my heart in Stockholm, possibly next to the half-eaten monster cinnamon roll that proved to be my kryptonite. And for this Greek-blooded "what's the point of cold holidays?" ignoramus the fact that the -13 C temperatures did very little to dampen my spirit says rather a lot about how much I liked the place!

I was in Stockholm for fashion week thanks to the lovely people at Filippa K and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. You can read my report from the fashion trenches of Scandi-cool at here. I liked the place, the people, the silly little hissy fits that at times kept me entertained and at others made me despair about it all, stocking up on Daim bars at the 7-11 to last a whole winter and the fact that Acne is so damn cheaper over there! I did damage but for the benefit of T.

See you in the summer, Stockholm!