Tuesday, 20 March 2012

BLOG BLESS: How To Pronounce...

BLOG BLESS AMERICA!: Jenna, Jenna, Jenna, JENNA!

Note: the title of this post needs to be read with this in mind.

I love J. Crew and I love Jenna Lyons. If you know me (hi!) you'll be well aware of that. You will also know that the likeliest answer to the question "what are you wearing" (although why anyone would actually ask me that I don't know) would be a) J. Crew, b) Whistles, c) COS or d) J.Crew and J.Crew and J.Crew! I am the person that associates any trip to the States with a trip to J.Crew. If I'm going I'll get J.Crew requests. If I know someone who's going I'll ask for a little something back and as soon as I hear "sure!" I'll hand over my printed wish list with pictures and everything. Yes, they now deliver to the UK but I'm clinging on to the old-fashioned notion that trips abroad mean presents you can' get at home.

I was therefore pretty excited to speak to Jenna a few months ago for a lovely feature we did at Glamour on her amazing style and the power of the Crew. I love the above picture and if you wish to read the full feature click here. And you can imagine my excitement when upon publication I received a gorgeous grey cashmere sweater from Jenna with the loveliest handwritten note. The words girl and crush, friendos, don't even come close!

The presentation at the Lincoln Center during NYFW did not disappoint. Well, crowd control could be improved, I guess, and perhaps it's time for the superbrand to not be so modest and acknowledge that A LOT of people want to attend their presentations so better give them a bigger space to enjoy. Cue a lineup of models in what is essentially the cashmere sweaters, Cafe Capri trousers, pointy pumps and bright pea coats we'll all be wearing come autumn, a lot of fashion folk snapping away and making mental shopping lists, and in the middle of it all a besieged by well-wishers Jenna.

I loved it, of course. And the moment I got some free time I went to the nearest store. Now it's all about waiting to find out what the location of their first UK store will be. One thing is certain; I'll see you there, yes?

Monday, 19 March 2012

I HEART: The Jane in New York and Cafe Gitane.

I had the following conversation a lot with people while in New York for Fashion Week:

friend: Where are you staying?
friend: Oh, nice, how is it?
me: Nice, it has Cafe Gitane and it's quirky, straight out of a Wes Anderson film and, of course, you know about the shared bathrooms, right?
friend: *in shock* *cue open mouth and look of terror in their eyes* You. Share. A bathroom?

Yeah, people! My name is Kiki and I shared The Jane's shared bathrooms and I came out ALIVE! Here's two additional pieces of information you need to know:
1) I paid something like $99 a night. In New York!
2) The location is amazing, right in the West Village. And here's one more:
I had avocado on toast at Cafe Gitane EVERY DAY! So, who cares if I had to share a very clean white bathroom with DOORS IN THE SHOWERS with other guests on my floor? Well, the old person in me did wonder once or twice if I was indeed too old for this craziness (my life is THAT wild, I know) and the lazy me looked a bit grumpier than usual in the mornings once I realized I had to carry all toiletries from my room, down the corridor, to the bathroom and back. But then, I was in, out and wandering the streets of Nueva York on my way to the shows. I never actually encountered another soul at any point - until the very last day when a dude walked in while I was brushing my teeth but I probably scared him more than he scared me. So, no big deal. But hilarious to see how much it shocked fashion folk! We can do grungy straight-off-the-street dirty-rock-n-roll but we will absolutely NOT share our bathroom.

How was the room itself, you ask? Good question. Tiny teeny walk-three-steps-from-the-door-and-you-hit-the-wall kinda small. One bunk bed and that's it. But with clever storage space for all your luggage underneath the bed and done up as if Wes Anderson and Bill Murray hired a boat for the summer and set off for ad adventure. And that, for me, is all I need for my 99 bucks. Oh, and some mashed avocado with chillies and lime on grain toast!

By the way, you have no idea how much inner strength it took NOT to buy the Hello Kitty camera.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sartorialisms: Her Hair!

I HEART: The Story Hotel in Stockholm

Let's say nothing about the fact I 'returned' to this blog only to disappear again for ages. I'm still trying to figure it all out - aren't we all? (Rhetorical question but if you must, answers in the comments, please) I have a bunch of things to talk about, not much time to do so but STOP, I've promised myself this is not a blog where said 'blogger' moans about lack of time etc...Simply put, with an hour free in my day I'm more likely to watch TV with a nice cake from Lanka, go for a walk, read a magazine, stare at the window (favourite activity, this)...than blog. I'm sure my therapist would have something insightful and terribly clever to say about this, if I had a therapist and if said therapist was Dr. Paul Weston from In Treatment (obsessed, let's talk about that another time, shall we?).

And having done what's known in the business as an AA Gill (ramble about something other than what's on the title) I must tell all three of you (hi sis!) how wonderful the Story hotel in Stockholm is. Because it is lovely, with character, and as I'm planning on returning to the city once temperatures rise above 0 (something around 25 C would be nice) I'll definitely be staying here again.

A small boutique hotel in a great location, right next to all the shops and a walk away from cafe Saturnus and its giant cinnamon rolls, it features a mash-up of prints and graphics on the walls, an empty mini bar that you're welcomed to stock up yourself (just go to the 7/11 and do a Lisbethaka load up on junk) and a yummy buffet breakfast (no pic because I ATE it all) it's very much a does what it says on the tin and very nicely and if this isn't the most enthusiastic hotel review you've ever read well, just bear in mind that I only realised how truly good Story was once I moved over to Berns hotel for the remaining of my stay. Yeah, Berns not so good, Story good.

I think it's time for me to go and stare at the ceiling again. See you back here soon (famous last words!).