Wednesday, 7 October 2009

BLOG BLESS: Hipsters of the Universe!

Forget Bambi. Forget Minnie and all other saccharine Disney characters that seem to have cast their spell over fashion lately (sorry cute, lovable little buddies!) - He-Man and his gang are in town! OK, so the fake, 80's-cartoon-worthy voice-over doesn't quite work but the makeover that Adrian Riemann gave the Masters of the Universe characters certainly does! Oh, and hipster is Adrian's chosen word, not mine, but what else to call He-Man in his Dior Homme jacket and April 77 jeans? Skeletor (oh, childhood nicknames, how I missed you!) goes for Cheap Monday and YSL high-tops whereas Evil-Lyn is in Zara and American Apparel leggings and She-Ra in H&M and vintage shoes. Now, repeat after me, "I have the power!"

Illustrations by Adrian Riemann.

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