Thursday, 26 November 2009

BLOG BLESS AMERICA: Three words: Muppets, Bohemian, Rhapsody!

Tomorrow is V-Day (I will explain later) and although my desktop is full of stuff I want to post about it's pretty much a case of "maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day". But - I HAD to post this. Really. The funniest thing EVER. I say that a lot, I know, but this is it. Watch it till the end because when Miss Piggy sings "Nothing really matters" you'll have a tear in your eye. And it won't be from sadness!
Happy Thanksgiving my US of friends!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I HEART: The Kirkwood flat!

So, here they are! Nicholas Kirkwood, master of the extraordinary heel, has introduced flats to his SS10 collection and really, is there anything this guy can't do? I love the rounded lines of the first one (is that a small zip detail I see at the back?) and the interesting heel on the lace-ups that show how Nicholas has not put the architectural tendencies that underline his other collections aside for these.
I interviewed Nicholas for Ponystep back in February this year and he mentioned that he was planning to design a flat. Here's what he said then:

"KG: Is it true that you’re doing your first pair of flats?

NK: Uhmmm, yes if I get it done! I haven’t started working on them yet but I’ve got to have it ready for Paris so…

KG: No pressure!

NK: I’ll start work on those maybe next week. But yes, if they come out looking OK they will be. They’re not going to be flat flats like a ballerina, because that’s also, in the same way I felt when I first started making shoes with everything looking same-y, I feel that now about flats and ballerinas. Ballerinas are the same f****** shoe, done in every colour-way possible so yeah, there’s an area slightly unexplored! I’m not quite going to the mid-height yet, I’m sure in seasons to come that will happen, but for me it’s just going to be either high or low."

A limited-run of just 17 pairs per style is available at Dover Street Market until they become available worldwide in the new season.

Images by Dazed Digital.

I HEART: A slice of Ossie pie!

Some pretty exciting sales are taking place online right now (Liz Goldwyn's Ebay sale of her own private, mainly vintage, collection is another) and this morning TheOutnet have kick-started their Ossie Clark sale with discounts of up to 80% off. Admittedly, these aren't vintage pieces from the designer's own icon-making years of the '60s and '70s but as part of the label's final collection they are bound to hold their own significance in its history. There are some great easy, flowing gowns but what really caught my eye is this long-sleeved colour-block dress!

Uhmmm, hey, Santa...

Images by

And the winner is: Sophie Théallet!

So, French-born and Brooklyn-based Sophie Théallet won the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award in New York last night and the $200,000 grand prize that accompanies it! She joins an impressive list of past winners that features Alexander Wang and Proenza Schouler. Jewellery designer Monique Péan and menswear designer Patrik Ervell are the two runners-up, taking home $50,000 each.

Interestingly, Her Highness Anna Wintour said in her speech that other countries are keen to introduce a similar contest, most notably France, "and Brazil, India, Russia, and China aren't far behind."

Congrats to all the designers!

Patrik Ervell, Sophie Théallet, DvF and Monique Péan. Image by

Monday, 16 November 2009

Francophilia: Chanel-o-mag!

Olivier Zahm, he of Purple, has art directed and designed a magazine for Chanel, she of Karl Lagerfeld, called 31 Rue Cambon to be distributed in all Chanel stores worldwide? C'est un rêve!

Image by Purple Diary.

And the finalists are: And the rest!

With the heavy schedules of showing, wholesaling, manufacturing, shooting and every other -ing that a fashion designer has to get through every season (did I mention being inspired and coming up with the next collection too?) it was to be expected that not all of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund nominated designers were able to get back to me with their Q&As. The lovely Alexa and Flora of Ohne Titel did manage to tell me, in between showing in New York and leaving for selling the collection in Paris, that they "are very proud to be counted among the top ten for the award."

With the Big Night itself taking place this evening in New York I thought it would only be fair to include the remaining nominated designers here just so we can wake up tomorrow morning and read up on who won, who didn't, who wore what and get all excited about our very own British Fashion Council / Vogue Designer Fashion Fund to take place next year!






Images by US Vogue.

And the finalists are: Esquivel Shoes!

Good shoes! That's what I keep thinking every time I look at George Esquivel's designs and I hope this doesn't take away from how truly amazing they are; in fact, "I must have them" tends to be the follow-up thought. And anyway, since when is 'good' just not...good enough?

There must be something in the way they're handmade, each pair given the same care and attention in Esquivel's Southern California shop; using the finest materials, hand-cutting, massaging the leather into shape. But - these are shoes with an edge too, inspired by Esquivel's rock clientele, in their hand-burnished, hand-stained leather and unusual colour combinations. Like a rock star with a helluva soul. Really, they're just too good!

Here's his When, What and Who.


I found out that I was one of the finalist as we were preparing to board the plane for NYC. I wanted to jump, scream, laugh, cry, call my wife, give everyone a big hug but we (Albert my GM) and I were being ushered onto the outside ramp to board the plane at Long Beach Airport. Because I had to sit with the news stirring in my head by myself, I think that flight was probably the longest yet the best I have ever taken. I sat in my seat and internally freaked out for the next 5 hours.


I think this event warrants me getting something really special, if I have time I will get something made (debating between a tux or a suit). My wife will be accompanying me to the dinner.


The way people are with celebs is the way I am with Designers (I’m a big fan of their creativity and their business savvy). I don’t think I can narrow it down to just one person, I’m excited to see all of the designers.

All the best George!

Images by Esquivel and

Is anybody there?

I don't know what happened, I really don't. This time round there's been no illness, no excuse. Every day for the last two weeks (it's really been that long) I've sat right here, in front of my laptop, with a cup of tea and a list of posts to write as long as Nadja Auermann's left, or right for that matter, leg and...nothing. Nada. Tipota (that's Greek for nothing). Writer's block? Please, a) writer? Moi? And b) it's not like I was trying to write my Important Second Novel following the world-shuddering success of my first (Alex Garland, I'm thinking of you)!

The weather was surely to blame, this is London after all, the weather and the very grumpy old dude in control of it are the first to blame for ANYthing (train delays, alcohol consumption, the credit crisis - "it's just been sooo cold lately we had to live it up a bit and take crazy stupid risks with no regard to their consequences!", divorce - "Honey, I'm sorry but it was really hot and she was sun-bathing by the side of the street and I suddenly turned into a Latin God", you get the picture). I've also remained in my animal-state when it comes to light and the day's activities while my fellow humans managed to evolve and come up with a fantastic little thing called 'electricity'. The moment it gets dark outside I find it impossible to get anything useful done (yes, even with the lights on) and crash out with a tea and a mag on my sofa (it's just right next to me desk, how can I resist?) As the list grew so did an overwhelming feeling that I won't be able to catch up (ironic, of course, because the more I had to catch up with the more impossible it became to do so).

In the end, the doctor's diagnosis is a general confusion over this blog and its purpose in its little digital life, which I'm sure is typical and will resolve itself - once I get back on the damn thing and start typing. Anything. Like I've done here, see? Cured! Off we go.

By the way, this post's title is also reffering to the charming movie of the same title I saw this weekend with Sir Michael Caine, God Bless you Sir, and the adorable little boy from 'Son of Rambow', Bill Milner. Sir Michael as a bereaved old magician, a kid that lives in an old people's home and a bunch of oldies? Masterpiece!