Thursday, 1 September 2011

New Home, New Work, New Things...

Happy 1st of September, lovely people! As the Sherlock Holmes in you may have deduced lately, I've been absent from this blog for a little while now and I'd be blatantly lying to your pretty little faces if I said I'd be back with brand new posts anytime soon. The truth is, I've had to move houses and am now settling in (this is the daydreaming version of 'there are still walls of unpacked boxes waiting for me to go through them!) plus, as some of you unfortunate enough to have to work with me may have noticed, I've also started looking after the Fast Glamour pages for British Glamour magazine as a Contributing Fashion Editor, which - combined with my other ongoing regular freelance work - means that I'm staring at the month of September in my journal and I'm not seeing a free *ahem* *lazy* day!

However, one thing is certain; as Terminator Arnie likes to say, I'll be back! Stay safe, stay happy, keep smiling and make a loved one a nice cup of tea now and then.