Monday, 15 August 2011

AWww11: Don't Mention The C-Word, Topshop!

That C-word is C to the h to the r to the istmas, by the way. Just so we know where we're going with this! It's too early for all that talk (and I will keep saying that up to, ooh I don't know, November 1st!) but you know what it's never too early for? Pretty sparkly put-it-on-and-smile clothes and Topshop's A/W'11 collection is full of them!

So, what did I went and fell in love with? Two leather jackets. Not very seasonal I know, but at least one of them is red!

There are also one too many for my wallet's liking pretty dresses...

...and stars...

(star cut-outs on a leather skirt, anyone?!)
...and plenty of sparkle to last us until...well, the C day itself!

Hmmm, anyone fancy a mince pie with their cup of tea?