Monday, 28 September 2009

L(ove)FW SS10: Day 3 - "Hurry up, Step Right Up!"

That's how my Sunday aka Day 3 of LFW started, with a morning presentation by Mulberry at Claridge's, a setting so charming it was impossible to resist and yes, the very cute pugs that walked and posed for the cameras might have had something to do with it! I wanted every single item the models wore and held plus that hair! Emma Hill is doing something very right! The new Luella, perhaps?

And then it was Topshop's turn with Unique and despite the fact that by the end of it I suffered from a serious case of EO, Eighties Overload, I loved the atmosphere, the celebrities OTT, the backdrop and the sheer energy, enthusiasm and fun of it all. In typical Bradshaw fashion, I couldn't help but wonder; is anyone else also giggling to themselves that this is Topshop we're watching? Well done Uncle Phil!

These are the looks that I really liked, especially the prints.

I then walked home and read the Sunday papers.
Images by and myself.

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