Wednesday, 2 September 2009

(000) Days of Summer!

Oh, don't get me wrong; this isn't me giving up on the notion of summer already. A new month called September, a more-than-noticeable drop in the temperature, rain, rain and some more rain, clouds and a distinct absence of sunshine...I'm sure you get the picture now, it ain't pretty here in London right now. So, sure, you decide to give this odd little blog another chance, perhaps based on its premise of 'positivity', and you're faced with this post's title, I get it.

But you needn't worry. It's all positive here, albeit in a slightly schizophrenic manner. I've just made the conscious decision to embrace the new season that's heading full-speed towards us (wow there autumn!) and all its goodies aka new wardrobe, new books, movies, fave TV shows returning, a tangible feel of 'let's start new things' in the air (or is that the gale-force wind outside?) wholeheartedly rather than spend the first half of it wishing I was still lying on that plage in ...I think I mentioned the new wardrobe bit already...Summer was lovely and I'm still the crazy one believing that a late-September heatwave will hit us and we'll all be sorting through the brand new lovely clothes whose purchase demanded a lot of energy and pre-planning from us, for that faded floral dress from Topshop and a battered pair of Havaianas to wear to the park.

In the meantime though, I raise a glass (or warm cup of tea, isn't it 10 degrees colder already?) to my favourite season of all. Join me?

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