Thursday, 24 September 2009

L(ove)FW SS10: Day 2 is here!

Day 2 was very presentation-based for me and a great way to see designs up-close, in a more relaxed pace. I seriously hope the presentations at the Portico rooms of Somerset House continue next season too. It was interesting to see two small but dynamic labels like Sykes and LP.BG showing in the same room, taking half each. The balcony doors were thrown open, it was a hot, beautiful day (although I did see a girl refusing to take off her fur throw in perfect it's-hot-so-what? fashion) and both collections delivered.

Sykes was full of great must-have pieces in silk and leather, in my favourite palette of white, black, grey and nudes with the addition of the most fantastic silver slim-cut suit you'll ever see and for the first time, a small collection of shoes.

LP.BG really surprised me, with a great vibe, some fantastically uplifting colours and a real identity forming for Ben Grimes and Lily Parker. It'd be great to see what they do next!

Round the corner, Cooperative Designs were presenting their collection for Spring, "Happy Birthday Bauhaus", which suited perfectly their graphic and geometric patterns. There was a particular angular shape to the sleeves in contrast to some more fitting long dresses. I also loved the bags they did for this season, which really do scream 'take me on holiday on a lovely Greek island, please Kiki' and I wasn't going mad after a long day. They did!
(doesn't he look grand?)

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