Wednesday, 23 September 2009

L(ove)FW SS10: Day 1

OK - the initial mega-plan of attack for LFW this season was to post at the end of each day (or night in some cases). Clearly, as LFW has now officially ended and the world has moved on to Bello Milano, the plan did not work (respect to all the journos that do this for a whole month every season!).

So, first things first: Somerset House ROCKED! I'd love to know how it felt for all the designers showing at the Exhibition and Portico rooms inside the main building, but my guess is that it was relaxed and more cosy than the usual huge tent full of stands. The main courtyard, full of people and action, had such a buzz and all the corners and steps dotted around were ideal for a quick rest and a game of people-watching. Great planning also ensured that the additional venues, like 180, The Strand, the Freemasons Hall, and all others, were only a short walk away.

There were so many exhibiting designers that I may have overreacted and taken a few too many pics with my camera, which only resulted in chaos when I went to review them later on, but so many caught my eye that I plan to follow them up with more images and info. For the moment, here's what my Day 1 looked like.

Inside Somerset House.

Bistrotheque's space-age eggs!

A very dapper Ms Harold Tilman.
A giant pink bunny!
And...Somerset House Art?!

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