Thursday, 10 September 2009

BLOG BLESS: Channel 4 News does Annie!

I am a news geek, a news nerd, a news junkie. I may complain about the damage that 24-hour news cycles cause to anyone who will hear me (yes, I am fun!) but I will confess that I check the Guardian online 1,500,000 times a day, watch about three different news programmes daily, local and national/international, and am currently suffering from a Question Time and Dimbleby double withdrawal, although Paxo, Kirsty and Newsnight do keep me alive (by the way, I idolise Kirsty Wark, too much). And, I love Channel 4 News and Jon Snow also, too much, I mean Snowblog?! So, you can imagine my joy when they reported the Annie Liebowitz debt story swaying around the copyright issues of not being able to show any of her photographs by...wait for it...sketching them! Like this one here! If only Jon turned them into a game of charades my life would be complete. And right about here, I will stop embarrassing myself.

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