Monday, 14 September 2009

(I think) I HEART: Monochromatic youth.

I can't deny that these images by Korean photographer JeongMee Yoon are amazing. It's also pretty obvious that they're 'Cuteness Overload' and that's not such a bad thing on any gloomy day. And yes, pretty impressive collection of 'stuff' there, little ladies and gentlemen. But, the little tomboy girl inside my head still can't get over the stereotype that Yoon's Pink and Blue project is portraying, that girls like pink and boys like blue. Simple as. Or is it? The project began with Yoon's own five-year-old daughter's obsession with pink and continued when he discovered other children, and most importantly their parents, with a similar infatuation. Does it explore the extend to which globalisation and mass advertising of prefabricated ideas and ideals affect children today? Sure it does. Still, the sheer determination from these little people that EVERYTHING they own must adhere to the one-colour-and-one-colour-only principle (usually associated with either Upper East Side / Mayfair ladies and cream/beige/white or goths and...duh, black) is impressive. Or scary. I can't make my mind up today. I think I need candy.

Images by JeongMee Yoon via We love you so.

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