Friday, 29 January 2010

I HEART: Acne does furniture therefore I want Acne furniture.

Individuality Schmindividuality! I've been telling all my friends that I want to live in a Muji house since the trip to Japan, back in 2005 (surely it's time for another one?!), and I still stand by it. I have, of course, been a devoted Muji fan for years now (friends in the States, I suspect, got a bit bored with their Muji parcel gifts!) but nothing, nada, rien, compares with the extravaganza that is Muji in Tokyo, complete with a cafe and yes, model Muji houses!

As this is a brand new year, I'm willing to swap Japan for Sweden (as you do!) and have now decided that I do indeed want to live in an Acne house. It must, bien sur, come with a wardrobe fully loaded with their latest wares and oh, perhaps a separate rail for every single leather jacket they've designed so far and oh, oh, their lovely candles burning around the house get it! This latest Acne-over-excited-installment follows the recent launch of the Swedish label's first furniture line, one that according to law Acne101 that "all Acne presentations must take place in uniquely and achingly 'sval' locations that make people wonder 'why didn't I think of that?'" took place in Uncle Karl's old apartments at Hotel Pozzo di Borgo.

This seems a natural move, to me, as Jonny did start as a furniture designer (minus the rock God-stint he confessed to here) and it was, in fact, his designs of the first Acne studio in Stockholm that grabbed a certain Tyler's attention and the rest is history (again, here). No matter what, who, why. I want to live in an Acne house, snälla!

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