Thursday, 3 December 2009

I HEART: So many things, so little time!

Where was I? Right here, it seems, accumulating more 'cool things for the blog' while somehow finding less and less time to actually 'add cool things to said blog'. C'est la vie, que sera sera, it is what it is! So, my lovely imaginary friends, here is a super-post; a long, rambling, inconsequential list of stuff I felt like sharing weeks ago and are still, strangely, in my head.

Like the last episode of the third series of 'Mad Men' that I still haven't managed to get over. Don't worry UK residents, no reveals here. The third series has yet to start over here, of course (no rush BBC, who's waiting, right?), but the lovely boyfriend, his magic Apple TV and the lifesaving US i-tunes account ensured that we watched every episode as it aired in A M E R I K A. So, now I have to wait for season 4. But that Vanity Fair article on the fantastic Mr Weiner has made me worry. Just a feeling. We'll see. Until then, we'll always have Rome. Ciao Draper!

Talking about Matthew Weiner, you know about his adorable, super-duper-dapper son, Arlo, right? What? No? Here he is, as seen in the American GQ. Papa Weiner, adopt me. I will play freak-out-over-the-exact-shade-of-eggshell-blue-a-copywriter-would-go-for-in-1963 with you and Arlo, I promise!

On a different note, I watched Coraline on dvd ages ago but still obsess over her yellow raincoat.

I saw the one Stella did for Gap. I liked. It's for kids, of course, but Carla Bruni wore one of their jackets and they're probably sold out by now, but still...

So, I went over to the movie's website (last time I did this was, what, 2002?) and played around with the games. Here is my name as performed by the circus mice and here's me with buttons with eyes. Scary, I know. No, not the eyes. The amount of time I can waste online. And still no yellow raincoat. Did I mention that Coraline has a cool blue bob?

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