Thursday, 3 December 2009

BLOG BLESS: The amimal issue.

Just to round up the silly posts session nicely, here are three images that have been waiting on my desktop for a while.

My perfect dog. I can't remember where I saw this (sorry I haven't credited anybody) but I love it! Remember, I'm the asthmatic girl that could never have a puppy as a kid and after watching one too many Lassies (God, how old does this make me sound?!) made a plan that one day I too would have a ridiculously intelligent dog that would carry my shopping list to the local shop in a basket and come back with all the shopping! So, what this good boy is doing here is pretty spot on. Oh, and did I mention that the other day I saw a terrier carrying a magazine down the road? One day.

Also, the perfect job? This lady is Sharon Montrose and she's a puppy photographer. As I said, the perfect job!

No, not a dog but found this beauty hiding besides a rubbish bin by Mornington Crescent tube.

Images by A Cup of Jo and myself.

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