Friday, 4 December 2009

I HEART: Doogie Whistles!

I know there's a dog theme running through this blog lately but trust me, story of my life!

This sweetie is named Doogie and he turns out to be Whistles' studio pet. Very appropriately he's gracing their Xmas sweater this season (and I think he ought to do so every year!) with profits of each sale going directly to Shelter (this amounts to around £25 with each sale).

Talking of Whistles, I know their press day was ages ago, or so it seems, but I still can't get over how good their SS10 collection is, just wait! I literally wanted every single item on the rails, a huge congrats to Ms Shepperdson and her team! Here are some pics, the prints in particular feel so right for spring, there's a great 'bandage' skirt, cool jackets to throw on top of everything and, of course, an amazing jumpsuit! Oh, did I mention the sweet canvas flats that so happen to be in my fave colours?

Images by
Whistles and myself.

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