Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I HEART: Jersey Boy

So, I went, I saw, I liked. Coco Avant Chanel is rather good. Admittedly, I walked into Odeon Camden's tiny screen 5 with a lot of trepidation (incidentally, a cute screen to see small, cute movies, with a declining floor that's perilous for open bags but adds to the overall Alice in Wonderland feel, or that might just be me) and very low expectations. Fear not, I'm no Mark Kermode so there's no review following but I must say two things:
- Towards the end of the movie Audrey Tautou literally transforms into Mademoiselle Chanel with a great scene where she's leaning against a doorway that screams Cecil Beaton.

- But the greatest moment in the film has to be Boy Capel asking for his blue polo top back from Coco (she always 'borrows' his clothes) as he can only get those in England. She asks what the fabric is and he responds, in the smoothest, most hear-it-and-melt voice: "Jersey". That was it for me. Merci Boy!

Image by Sony Pictures Classics.

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