Thursday, 20 August 2009

I HEART: BOY's Girl Marisa

I've placed a bet with myself (I'm not entirely sure what the logistics of such move are but I'm choosing to ignore said issue, until I win that is). I bet that Scott Sternberg and his Band of Outsiders brand and Boy brand-within-a-brand (with me?) will one day take over the world Ralph Lauren stylee! Only his people will opt for shrunken blazers and Speedy's deck shoes, like His Majesty Lauren's people regularly do but with a heavy dose of irony. 

He had me at Hello when he went and shot his AW08 collection with Michelle Williams at Paul Fortune's LA house. His SS09 collection featuring my fellow Kiki Kirsten Dunst was so great I'm still dreaming of that strap suspender skirt (how is that even possible?) and then he went and shot Sarah Silverman at Canter's Deli in LA and the deal was beyond sealed. These shots of his play date with the evermore irresistible Marisa Tomei (girl crush, that hair!) around Chateau Marmont are too perfect for words. The King is Dead. Long Live the King. And I'll have all my bet winnings in product please.

Images by Boy.

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