Friday, 7 August 2009


Obsessed with bikes this summer! The stats do show that more and more Londoners have taken up cycling for various reasons and it must be true, so often now I'll walk my usual route downtown through my beloved Regent's Park (so beloved in fact that I recently stopped and gushed about it to a girl taking a survey on public opinion about cycling through the park for far too long!) and see, usually, pairs of cool girls on their pretty bikes, dressed in anything but cycling gear (although, am I alone in thinking that cycling shorts can look great under dainty dresses? Perhaps). Having just cycled the width and length of Ile de Ré (admittedly, it is a tiny island) on Francoise (the name I gave her, original, I know!), a black rented Cycland bike (another subject: are the cool dudes working at all Cycland stores in Ré the equivalent of all those cool, surfer dudes manning surf stations in California, Australia, Bali...?) I can safely say that my obsession has been satisfied. With bikes that is. For now.

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