Thursday, 11 March 2010

Sartorialisms: When one is simply not enough!

For the girl that spent an entire summer wearing two watches on the same arm just because she thought it looked 'cool' and has considered 'bringing it back' ever since this image from is the closest to a belated 'you were right and oh, so misjudged' she could ever wish for! Thanks Tommy.

Image by Tommy Ton for


Caroline, No. said...

I'm sure I saw a pic of a double-watcher on Garance's blog, too. I love the pinkness of the watch too. Oh, and I was just admiring those coloured Timex Indiglo watches the other day... UH OH, purchase alert! ;p

Kiki said...

I want her bag. And ring. And jacket. Who am I kidding, I want it all! Let's bring the double-watch back!

Tamia said...

When I was a teenager, I caught hell from my family for wearing 3-4 (mostly non-functioning) watches at a time because I liked the way it looked. Oh, how they laughed at me!

I should send everyone a link to this photo and call it "told you so!"