Friday, 5 March 2010

BLOG BLESS: Mrs B and all who shop with her!

"At the time, my children were enrolled at the Lycée Français, and there was a uniform, you know; cropped Shetland sweater, kilt, knee socks. And on the top, a Marks & Spencer raincoat tied at the back. Very smart. And I thought, this style, it’s great. That’s the image for Browns. And of course, I found what I was looking for in Paris."

"But anything I’ve despised in particular…? Vulgarity. I think it’s good for the young kids to be fashion victims — I like to see them piling it all on; it shows enthusiasm. But there comes a point, once you’ve been around a while, that you say to yourself: Aha, this is what works."

Mrs B speaking to's Maya Singer.

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