Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Francophilia: The day a café saved my life!

Tying-in smoothly with the last Paris-focused post, this is a big Thank You! to the lovely Tommy, the proprietor of Mamie Gateaux, his delicious fig tart and the blog world in general and if you think I've gone and lost my mind, well, you've never really known me after all!

This lovely café did save my life - or at least my day! - when I made my way to it after another of those long, tiring days when I think Paris is a postcard and not a modern city, and walk and wander and get lost to the point of exhaustion. Throwing myself on one of its outside chairs and immediately falling in love with the floral print cover on the table in front of me (one that my grandmother probably has) I sent a mental thank you to Tommy whose lovely posts about Mamie Gateaux inspired me to visit. The owner was lovely, the little menu he handed me even lovelier and the crumbly and sticky slice of fig tart I chose (not really a choice as I'm programmed to opt for whatever is on the menu with the word fig next to it) was, you guessed it...divine! A tasse de café gave me energy and a few pages of my book later (can you guess which one it was?) I was off, walking and wandering and getting lost all over again!