Wednesday, 9 June 2010

I HEART: Mulberry's AW10 Bag-nanza!

I know. Bag-nanza? Shameful but there you have it. I'm busy getting ready for a last-minute trip to the homeland but these neglected pics from Mulberry's AW10 press day, that actually took place in a bygone era, were staring at me so bag-nanza it is. I promise I will not repeat it ever again. I really loved Mulberry's AW10 show - more here - and its ever-expanding RTW part especially. I must admit to not paying that much attention to the bags themselves back in February - I blame this one! - but at their press day I got close, I admired, I made a to-buy list that will never materialise and clicked away on my little camera while merrily chatting to lovely Jeremy about the interview with Emma Hill I had just done for Ponystep and sipping champagne. Hence the...well, slightly 'off' pics. The theme was Valley of the Dolls after all and I believe these do that justice!

Can you read the "We believe in tea and cake" inscription?

All images by moi.

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Bardotty said...

OMG! That ruffle dress... I am smitten. And that 'tea & cake' bag... I'll never be able to get over this and will have to rely on my credit card forever. You said it right: shameful!