Wednesday, 26 May 2010

FRANCOPHILIA: La Maison LV c'est chic!

The brand sparkling new Louis Vuitton Maison in London will be open to le public this Friday and following last night's epic sounding opening party - Anjelica Huston and Donna Summer in the same room! - today was a chance for press to be given le grand tour (oh oui, the mock french will go on and on). The space is incredible, vast, full of merchandise, art and trinkets to look at and yet light and intimate, all thanks to Mr Marino, of course. Think of it as walk through a friend's beautiful apartment or more precisely your friend Marc Jacob's apartment. I have a lovely book full of info on the store but as I can't wait to post some images it will have to wait. I think these speak for themselves. Oh, and pardon for the small size, in typical Kiki fashion my camera's battery ran out before the first shot was taken so these come courtesy of le Blackberry. Prepare for a Louis Vuitton image marathon!

Louis Vuitton 17-20 New Bond Street, London

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