Wednesday, 9 June 2010

BLOG BLESS AMERICA: The Music and The Tee!

Let's begin with a full disclosure, shall we? These guys are really good friends of mine. And I love what they've created a little bit more because they're buddies - don't you get that mother-looking-at-her-kid-like-it's-God-on-Earth feeling when someone you know does good? However, If I had absolutely no idea they are THE BEST and I came across one of these hanging on a rail or read about them I'd still think they're great. So, there!

By these, I mean The Music Tee, which is - finally! - available here in the UK at Seflridges from today (already available worldwide online) with the official launch of the Daisy Dares You Music Tee. Already in charge of a fantastic music label in LA, called Invisible DJ - more info here - they came up with the, may I say, GENIUS idea of creating great tees - and by great I mean perfect cut, soft, slouchy - with a difference. I know that The Revelation of perfecting the good ol' Tee is as original a concept in LA as every waiter carrying a script they wrote in their back pocket but this is quite different.

Each tee is a collaboration with an artist and features their artwork on the front, always a playlist on the back - often scribbled - and a specially designed tag with a code that allows you to download said artist's album online, all for the price of one tee. The tee and the music in one! Genius, no?! The guys have already collaborated with a fantastic lineup of artists from Mos Def and Devendra Banhart to The Plasticines as well as putting together their own compilations - one of which features artwork created by yours truly's boyfriend.

And did I mention they're great guys?!

All images by The Music Tee.

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