Sunday, 21 February 2010

BLOG BLESS: Liberty London Sasha!

I may have to stop myself from starting each post with "this is a week late but..." seeing as this is, more or less, a given these days. And indeed, this post is more than a week late but I felt that I couldn't start my - you guessed it, late London Fashion Week posts without mentioning this first.

You may have read this at LibertyLondonGirl's own post or you could be following me on Twitter (hello!) and therefore experienced one of my exasperated, overexcited rants about doing LFW with LibertyLondonGirl this season and hanging out in the Merc with her and a gang of equally lovely fellow bloggers but here goes the story. Proving that the best things in life do actually happen on a whim, an exchange of emails between us, two weeks ago, followed one of LLG's tweets about needing a hundred or so assistants due to the ever-increasing number of projects she has coming up. And just like that, I found myself chatting to a lovely LLG on the phone, meeting her, planning out her then impending 'big reveal' interview in Grazia, her trip to Copenhagen Fashion Week and requesting tickets for LFW, all in exchange for Posetta Baddog (not really.)

So, there you have it: LibertyLondonGirl, Liberty, LLG or you-know-the-blog-I-really-like to my boyfriend, is Sasha Wilkins and she is lovely and hanging out with her these past few days has been so much fun and well, If I may say so, this may be the start of a beautiful friendship. Unless I kidnap Posetta, of course!

Image by Jackie Dixon for LibertyLondonGirl.


In New York Paris Tomorrow said...

a lovely post, and a great blog name.

Kiki said...

that's very sweet, thank you!