Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I HEART: The Kirkwood flat!

So, here they are! Nicholas Kirkwood, master of the extraordinary heel, has introduced flats to his SS10 collection and really, is there anything this guy can't do? I love the rounded lines of the first one (is that a small zip detail I see at the back?) and the interesting heel on the lace-ups that show how Nicholas has not put the architectural tendencies that underline his other collections aside for these.
I interviewed Nicholas for Ponystep back in February this year and he mentioned that he was planning to design a flat. Here's what he said then:

"KG: Is it true that you’re doing your first pair of flats?

NK: Uhmmm, yes if I get it done! I haven’t started working on them yet but I’ve got to have it ready for Paris so…

KG: No pressure!

NK: I’ll start work on those maybe next week. But yes, if they come out looking OK they will be. They’re not going to be flat flats like a ballerina, because that’s also, in the same way I felt when I first started making shoes with everything looking same-y, I feel that now about flats and ballerinas. Ballerinas are the same f****** shoe, done in every colour-way possible so yeah, there’s an area slightly unexplored! I’m not quite going to the mid-height yet, I’m sure in seasons to come that will happen, but for me it’s just going to be either high or low."

A limited-run of just 17 pairs per style is available at Dover Street Market until they become available worldwide in the new season.

Images by Dazed Digital.


Bardotty said...

Kiki, help! Where can we get these flats? x

Kiki said...

I am so rubbish at this, just saw this comment! Aren't they great? I think Dover Street Market is the main stockist and they'll be more widely available in the new season.