Sunday, 13 March 2011

FOR FOOD'S SAKE: To Crema or Choc-Milk...

...that is the question! I, of course, did or rather had both.

There is nothing more simultaneously refreshing and enjoyable than Nounou's choc milk. My sis says it's all about the bubbles and I, for once, won't argue with that. It also possess the magical power to transport us back to one of our childhood scorching hot summers when exhausted from a day of swimming a glass of these was like manna from heaven. I can still taste the sea salt on my lips the moment I raise a glass!

This is a thing of beauty! In a slightly perverse manner, I actually cherish the fact I can't have it more often as I live away from home. It's more precious this way. A créma dessert as made by the Turkish Stani bakery in Rhodes, it's too good for words and too dear to me to ever it do it justice by attempting to describe it. Truly one of my favourite things to eat, a good snowing of cinnamon and I'm in heaven!

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Liberty London Girl said...

mmmmmm....*heads to fridge* LLGxx