Sunday, 25 July 2010

I HEART: Gap's new shoes.

I find it quite impressive that the shoes that caught my eye and found their way to the 'must-get-the-moment-they-hit-stores' list I keep at the back of my head at the recent Gap press day were not the latest designs by The Maestro Pierre Hardy (as part of his ongoing collaboration with the American mega-brand) but these ankle boots from their main collection. I know that chunky wedge boots are meant to be going, going, gone and I must admit, I have found myself looking at previous pairs that I once swooned over with a new-found, quizzical look but these, with their mustard/gold panel, have a geeky-college-uniform feel about them that I will always remain partial to. Plus, don't you too love the fact they instantly make me think of cozy, cable knit socks, all scrunched up and ready to carry me through muddy-London-puddles and whatnot come autumn?

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fashion raccoon said...

lovely, lovely stuff. got to love a bit of wedge x