Saturday, 24 April 2010

I HEART: My NewbarK comfier than comfy flats!

One of the real joys of my work is writing about labels, designers and people that I truly personally love, admire, want to wear or have dinner with. I had one of those opportunities recently when I wrote a small piece for Vogue (UK) on three fairly new labels designed by women already established as some of the most successful stylists in the industry. These were A.L.C. by Andrea Lieberman, L'Agence by Margaret Maldonado and NewbarK by the Malakpour sisters, Maryam and Marjan. I will post separately about each of them as I have the space here to share more details and show more images and I must start with Newbark if only for the fact that I have been wearing my pair on any given opportunity to change from heels, while travelling, in the house and out. I can sense an addiction of Pokemon proportions brewing - gotta get them all, to paraphrase!

Maryam and Marjan initially designed and had these alternatives to a flat shoe made for themselves and as gifts for close friends. They were, and still are, handmade in a nearly extinct artisan factory in Los Angeles. Advice from good friend Roland Mouret and an encounter at a Parisian party with Net-a-Porter's Natalie Massenet kick-started their label, NewbarK, named after the Southern saying "when the dogs are barking" meaning when your feet are tired, and the collection of butter-soft leather flats in delicious-sounding colourways like Scotch and Rose metallic. My pair are two-toned patent black and cream, very jazz-age! They come with a handy leather pouch to keep them in your bag or use for all the little bits and pieces you take on a plane and for summer, Maryam and Marjan have launched a light canvas version, in white and black, which only leaves one question unanswered and that is how many pairs can I get away with owning?

Images by
Stuart Pettican for NewbarK.


Rose said...

I keep checking some like this out with a Gandhi quote on them- are the comfy or does the stuff inside rub like espadrills do? (and is that how you spell espadrill?!)

Fashion Conservative said...

Perfect for having them in your bag and saving your feet after a few hours in high heels!