Thursday, 9 August 2012

There And Back Again!

This is what it would be like if I was a teen blogger. At this moment, I am sitting on my bed in my teenage room back at home in Greece, blogging. What would I be telling you about then, I wonder.

I find myself here again, slowly melting away from the heat (26C when we landed at 2 in the morning, around 35 right now), just a few weeks after my last visit, for family reasons. The kind that rattle you a little bit. That put another border between your present self and your childhood. But the sunrise over the Greek islands as our plane flew over them this morning and the fat melon of a sun that started ascending above Rhodes as I started descending the airplane's stairs were simply wonderful. And I am sure I will fill these pages with more pictures of family gatherings and food and swimming and Mitsos.

But for now, I just wanted to say, hello.


Bardotty said...

Hello back honey! x

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