Sunday, 1 July 2012

I HEART: Preen Resort

Resort, schmesort. Preen's latest collection will do me just fine for any season, thanks! 
Thea Bregazzi and Justin Thornton have a serious affair with flowers and it's still going strong after their fantastic S/S'12 collection that was inspired by a vase of peonies on their desk. Digitized, pixilated and in colours to make Mother Nature jealous. Their A/W'12 collection referenced Beatrix Potter's botanical studies and now, for Resort, they looked at Jeff Koon's plastic-fantastic flowers. Not that you need to know that. Just think signature Preen shapes (the peplum, the slight Victoriana, the great blazer) in bright prints and sporty stripes as well as lace as in a gorgeous red top with lace done in India.
Like I said, resort, schmesort. I'll have it all now, please!


Bardotty said...

The outfit on the right, I WANT it. I WILL get it. It will be MINE...! x

Clothes Box said...

Great colours, remind me of Desigual or Skunkfunk (our fav at the mo)

kk said...

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I admire these dresses and of course the whole idea you shared in your blog. Fantastic!