Monday, 20 July 2009

RIP Borders Oxford Str

I really didn't want to believe it so I went to have a look for myself. And sadly it's true. Borders on Oxford Street is closing down, apparently to be replaced by New Look. What? Why? And, why? I read about it on Disneyrollergirl and I actually panicked. Real panic and concern. 

If by this point you're not sharing my panic let me explain why one single bookstore is so important to a freelancer (and magazine addict) like myself. For the past few months, twice a month, I would leave my desk in the grand name of 'research', walk through Regent's park to Oxford street and into Borders, head straight for the magazine section (one of the best in London may I say although not all international titles always made it) pick all the new titles I hadn't yet seen, take the escalator up to Starbucks, fight for a table by the window overlooking Oxford street, get a coffee and just flick through them, read them, make notes, take reference pictures with my phone, enjoy them. I know that Borders kidnly requested that you take no more than 5 each time but who did? Hours later I would put each one back and leave. There, research done.

Now what? 

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