Saturday, 23 July 2011


You know a party is good when moments of it still come back to you days and weeks later. Well, the Net-a-Porter and Mr. Porter party celebrating the arrival of (and simply celebrating) Dolce & Gabbana to their digital (and very real in a chic-box-arrives-at-your-door-and-makes-you-happy way) worlds was just that kind of party. A great one! I could share with you the cheeky pics my buddy Bardotty took on my phone of us posing behind an unsuspecting and very dapper Mr. Gandy but I won't. I think I'll keep them for ourselves to flick through and giggle, if you don't mind (some things are better kept secret). Here we are on our immobile Vespas speeding through Palermo, Italy (according to the postcard, at least) with the wind in our hair and our party frocks on.

Grazie, Domenico e Stefano and Cheers, Natalie and Jeremy!

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A BRIT GREEK said...

Just found your blog, sure hope you'll be back soon koukla, otherwise kalo thiakopes.

p.s I was also v. disappointed with Zeta's last look on Dancing with the stars (Greece), but she did have some knockout outfits/hair/mu... some wacky, some fab...